Wyrmwood Tabletop Dice Tray - Flame Box Elder


Let's face it...the dice giveth and the dice taketh away... You arrive to your gaming session, snacks in hand, comrades eagerly awaiting your arrival...only to find you have no room to put your giant bag of dice.


Never be the victim of circumstance with this BEAUTIFULLY crafted Tabletop Dice Tray. 

The artisans at Wyrmwood create gaming accessories with a level of craftsmanship thought to exist only in a bygone era. Each piece is handcrafted to bring a new level of quality to your game table. Because of their commitment to woodworking and gaming, everything they craft is protected by the Craftsman’s Promise – an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Here we feature some of their most exotic woods – for more modestly priced domestic woods, see their full selection at WyrmwoodGaming.com

Each dice tray features a Water Buffalo Leather rolling surface, stone oiled to last a lifetime. 

This subspecies of Maple tree owes its brilliant coloration to invading beetles and fungus. First the beetles attack, boring holes throughout the tree. These wounds become avenues for a fungal invasion. As a defense, the tree releases powerful and colorful chemicals around each wound to fend off the fungus. Eventually the tree falls and we are able to appreciate the beauty of nature in action. The red coloration will become more muted over time, but will never fade away, and battle between the tree and the invaders can stand at your game table.

Something to keep in mind, Wyrmwood does not use dyes or stains. They instead celebrate the amazing diversity of natural materials found around the world.

Oh, did we also mention they are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE?! 

Rumor has it these are created by craftsmen who live on giant sea turtles. 

This is sure to be a critical hit on game night. So make a statement to your players that you're not just another gamer...you're a dice rolling GOD.

There's no finer way to roll your dice. (Natural 20's not guaranteed)

The Wyrmwood Tabletop Dice Tray made from Solid Flame Box Elder.

Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 10.625 x 1.5 in

NOTE: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery as these are custom made to order. 




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